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The ideal wetsuit offers comfortable surf experience and allows you to hit the water during the full the wakeboard season. Premium wetsuits will last even frequent riders a long time and always provide the right amount of warmth and protection. We offer a selection of the latest wetsuits made by trusted brands to ensure perfect quality and fit. We carry all standard types of wetsuits made of different types of neoprene and available as full suits or shorties. 

The right fit 

A wetsuit should form a second skin and isolate your body from cold water. If the fit is too loose the wetsuit allows water to flow inside and wont provide warmth for colder daysA fit that is too tight on the other hand is not just uncomfortable but also greatly restricts your movements. As experienced wakeboarders and wakesurfers, we can help with sizing and the selection of the right brand and type of wetsuit. 

Water temperature and thickness 

The thickness of the outer part of your wetsuit mainly depends on the surrounding water temperature and weather. In very warm or tropical regions you want to go for something light and breathable. The wetsuit should keep up your bodies core temperature to avoid hypothermiaAdditionally a wetsuit can protect your skin from the sun and wind. 

If the waters are cooler, we would recommend a full body suit. In this environment a neoprene suit allows you to be active and comfortable and is an absolute requirement for any rider. Some wetsuits even provide thermal padding and extra protection for your feet and hands. A thermal wetsuit allows you do have fun even in the winter time and harsh environments. Get Wake equipment from the best manufacturers in the world.