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  • RONIX 2022 One Blackout 146 - Used Boat Wakeboard
    450 Buy Now
  • RONIX 2022 RXT Blackout 140 - Used Boat Wakeboard
    350 Buy Now
  • RONIX 2021 One Blackout 146 - Used Boat Wakeboard
    400 Buy Now
  • Ronix 2022 Kinetik Project US 11 - Used Men's Wakeboard Binding
    350 Buy Now
  • Ronix 2020 One Carbitex US 11 - Used Men's Wakeboard Binding
    300 Buy Now
  • Ronix 2021 One Carbitex US 11- Used Men's Wakeboard Bindings
    350 Buy Now
  • Ronix 2021 Kinetik Project US 11 - Used Men's Wakeboard Binding
    250 Buy Now
  • Ronix 2020 Kinetik US 11 - Used Men's Wakeboard Binding
    200 Buy Now
  • RONIX 2022 RXT US 11 - Used Men's Wakeboard Bindings
    390 Buy Now
  • RONIX - 2021 Selekt 147 - Used Cable Wakeboard
    300 Buy Now
  • RONIX - 2019 One 134 - Used Wakeboard
    300 Buy Now
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Wakeboard & Wakesurf Shop

Our Wakeboard and Wakesurf shop aims to offer real quality inspired by experienced riders. Our brands are hand selected to guarantee a high standard of fit and finish. We offer the full spectrum of wake gear and accessories. No matter if you’re looking for a new or used wakeboard, a vest, a wetsuit, or just a pair of new sunglasses, our shop has the right item for you. Get Wake equipment from the best manufacturers in the world.


Every rider needs to stay warm on protected during all seasons. To allow for the ideal wakeboard and wakesurf experience in all weather and water situations, we carry a selection of the best wetsuits. Our wetsuits are available in different materials and available as full suits or shorty.

Surf Fashion 

Our fashion items allow you to look sharp off the board. We offer a variety of items made by established brands that reflect current trends in the wakeboard culture. Besides looks we always look for quality to make sure your gear will last a long time.

Wakeboard Academy 

Our Wakeboard Academy offers a unique experience for riders with different kinds of experience and skill levels. You will be able to experience wakeboarding and wakesurfing with some of Europe’s best riders in unique and beautiful locations. We offer excellent service tailored to your individual needs as a wakeboarder or wakesurfer.

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