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Wakesurf offers an experience very different from wakeboard. The slower pace and distinct wake and wave form require its own style of riding and a high amount of controlTo ensure the best wakesurf experience, our selection includes new and used boards, as well as all the necessary equipment and accessories like wetsuits, ropes, bags and vests. We also offer classic surf boards for those looking for a traditional surf experience. 

Wakesurf Equipment 

In Addition to a variety of boards made for wakesurfing and wakeboarding we also carry wakesurf equipment to make sure you have everything you need to have more fun behind the boat. We offer the whole spectrum of wakesurf and wakeboard accessoires. Our brands are hand selected and we only carry trusted brands that provide quality and durability. 

Our helmets and vests are built to last and allow you stay safe while boarding. Different types of wetsuits for all seasons make sure you stay warm and protected. Our bindings, ropes and handles allow you to stay in control at all time. Naturally we also have a variety of board bags and fashion items in our selection to make sure your gear is protected and you look good. Get Wake equipment from the best manufacturers in the world.

Wakesurf Sessions 

Wether you are just getting started with wakesurf or are an intermediate or pro rider, our very own Wake Factory is the ideal setting for wakesurf sessions. Our training camp is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland provides quality experience with flexible pricingRiders benefit from many unique advantages like a dedicated driver, personal coaching from pro athletes and modern equipment. Be sure to check out our Academy if you’re interested.