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Follow – Limited Edition

Throughout history there have been some people who have just pulled off ‘effortless cool.’ James Dean and Audrey Hepburn needed only to walk into a room, and you understood their absolute distinction. A certain confidence that is both loud and subtle at the same time. Now enter the room, the LTD. Series Impact vest: an effortless blend of Parisian Rue and Bleecker Street, because sometimes all you need is a simple style done well. Combining featherweight foam and D.MESH GLIDESKIN outer neoprene which completely stops water absorption, the LTD. will keep you light on your toes, while the sublimation inner gives a hidden conviction of unquestionable style. A cinch belt and TrueFit liner will ensure that over the day’s highs and lows your comfort is never sacrificed.

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  • Features

    D.MESH GLIDESKIN XT outer neoprene

    LTD. Season 10 sublimated internal super stretch neoprene.

    Lower cinch belt to stop the vest from riding up.

    Duel layer neoprene construction.

    Feather weight foam, the softest and lightest we can find.

    Reduced individual foam panel segments.

    Distressed leather zipper pulls.

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